At Least You Tried | Behind-the-Scenes

At Least You Tried: Editorial | Photoshoot, February 26, 2014.

What’s better than 2 Girls and a Cake? ….Well obviously 4!

Yesterday the ‘At Least You Tried’ collaboration crew met-up at Banbury Place to celebrate the March 2014 Launch of The ASH.!

…and where else throw a party but in a bathroom?

Take a peek at the party! Mucho thanks to Mr. T (stay tuned-for his upcoming weekly column ‘The Old Man’s Fancy) who snapped some neat behind-the-scenes shots that continue to fuel the giggles…

The amazing models (and supportive friends) include: Erika Childs (who appeared in our last shoot) and two newcomers Lindsey Quinnies + Maddy Graupmann, who were able to rock on short-notice after some last-minute Wednesday obstacles. Woot!

‘At Least You Tried’ photographs from Jim Jarvise, owner of Morning Light Photography will be available next week! (Lets not forget to mention Jim’s assistant with a vintage jock jacket, #boutit, Jess Braun). In addition, the positive + plentiful Jake Ring of Ringo Productions is going to compile a stellar video of the cheerful time!

-Ashley L. Voss

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